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The Maats C-cradle is specially designed for line travel operations with smaller diameter pipe. With the C-cradle, pipes can be easily picked up without the need of extra personnel.

Maats C-cradles are available for both sales and rental

Ease of operation

The C-shape of the cradle provides the ease and comfort of picking up pipes without the use of extra personnel. 

The use of a C-cradle saves time as the shape of the cradle allows it to be removed from the pipe without the need to disassemble it.

Guiding wheels

By using rubber guiding wheels instead of the traditional steel wheels, the pressure on the pipe is evenly distributed and the risks of damaging the pipe (coating) and ‘egging’ of the pipe are eliminated.

The rubber wheels ride easily over weld seams and do not hang up. The use of high quality materials throughout the design ensures maximum performance.


There is no need to dissemble or package the cradle for transport. The cradle arrives ready-for-use on the jobsite and is immediately ready for transport after use.

Safe & Certified

The Maats C-cradles comply with all applicable standards and are supplied with CE certification.

The standard equipped locking pin is an extra safety feature on the C-cradle. The locking pin secures the pipe in the cradle, preventing the pipe from making unintended moves during operations. The locking pin is easy and quick to use during operation.


Range C-cradle 2-12" (lift capacity 3.2 tons)
Guiding wheels
4 guiding wheels, 20.5 x 8-0 x 10 PLY
Download the technical documentation for more information about the Maats C-cradles

Technical Documentation


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