PIPE bending equipment


The robust and reliable Maats bending machines are designed to perform the most difficult jobs under the most extreme operating conditions. With the capacity to bend pipes in the maximum loadable pipe-size, with up to 1 inch wall thickness  in an api 5L x100 quality, the Maats bending machines are the strongest  currently available in the market. 
bending Machines

Maats has developed and constructed a program of bending machines with a range from 6 to 60 inches. Built mainly with LIEBHERR components, these bending machines are regarded as the highest quality machines available.

Key features of the MAATS bending machines are:

  • High-strength-steel frame
  • Easy operation, service and maintenance
  • Servo controlled levers
  • Fuel saving features
  • Fitted with LIEBHERR components where possible for maximum reliability


Currently Maats produces the following hydraulic bending machines:

The new MAATS BM48-60 is the latest addition to the product range of Maats Pipeline Professionals. The BM48-60 is the largest and strongest bending machine currently on the market and is a showcase of the in-house engineering capacity of Maats Pipeline Professionals.

The MAATS bending machines are part of our rental fleet but are for sale as well. Click here to download all details about our bending machines

Bending Sets

Maats produces its own program of heavy-duty bending sets and holds a large number of bending sets and dies in its fleet.

All bending sets are available for both sale and rental  and are compatible with bending machines manufactured by other companies.


Maats is also exclusive sales representative for the EUROBEND angle measurement system.

By continiously measuring the bending angle, this system assists in achieving the highest accuracy when bending pipes. We have the EUROBEND angle measurement system available for both sales and rental.


In addition to bending machines and bending sets Maats also has a wide selection of hydraulic and pneumatic mandrels available.

The hydraulic mandrels can be powered via the PTO on the bending machine and for the pneumatic mandrels we can supply air compressors. These are available for rental and sales.