welding equipment


Maats can supply an extensive package of equipment for your welding spread, including welding tractors, internal- and external line-up clamps and pipe facing machines.  The welding tractors manufactured by maats are the most reliable and strongest welding tractors available in the market and can be found in every corner of the world.
welding tractors

Using a LIEBHERR dozer as a base machine, Maats has developed one of the most reliable and safe welding tractors available in the market. The hydrostatic ‘one engine’ principle results in high power and low fuel consuming machines.

Currently, Maats manufactures the MAATS SR716 LGP Welding Tractor.

  • Key features of the MAATS SR716 LGP are:
  • Robust machine
  • Extra long undercarriage
  • Stability and low ground pressure
  • Low service costs
  • Stable welding power

The MAATS and LIEBHERR welding tractors are available in our rental fleet, contact us for accurate availability. For new sales and used welding tractors Maats is your global supplier as well.

No longer available for new delivery but still in our extensive rental fleet are the predecessors, the LIEBHERR SR714 LGP and the LIEBHERR SR704 LGP.

We can deliver our welding tractors complete with welding generators and compressors for powering IPLC's, in other words as Tack Rigs and Back End machines.

pipeheating tractors

In line with the MAATS SR716 LGP welding tractor, Maats can supply a pipeheating tractor using the induction heating system. The quality of steel pipes has increased over the years and preheating before welding will increase the quality of the weld. In the past, Maats has manufactured pipeheating tractors based on the SR714 LGP welding tractor: contact Maats for more details on the supply of new SR716 LGP pipeheating tractors. On request it is still possible to manufacture pipeheating tractors based on previous model when a solid core machine - the LIEBHERR PR714 LGP or a LIEBHERR SR714 LGP - can be sourced.

internal line-up clamps

To ensure the highest quality of welding, Maats can supply you with internal line-up clamps. The internal line-up clamps can be powered by the welding tractor. Alternatively, air compressors for supplying compressed air are available at Maats as well. The internal line-up clamps will be delivered including the necessary hoses.

In our rental fleet we have several clamps available. Contact us to enquire about the availability. The internal line-up clamps Maats has in the rental fleet are available for sale as well.

external line-up clamps

Besides internal line-up clamps, Maats is also your supplier for external line-up clamps.

Contact us for more information.

pipefacing machines

To prepare the welding surface of pipes, pipefacing machines are a paramount machine to have on the jobsite. Hydraulic power can be taken from the PTO of the pipe layer when available but Maats can supply a supporting HPU as well. Maats can supply the tools & tool holders as well as consumables: contact Maats for more information.

In our rental fleet we have several pipefacing machines available. Contact us to enquire about the availability. The pipefacing machines Maats has in the rental fleet are available for sale as well.