besides the regular machines and equipment required on a spread, maats can also design and engineer machines that are made to measure.
mobile winch machines

Maats can supply solutions for your mobile winch requirements, both lateral and longitudinal winch operations. Solutions that meet all safety requirements to ensure a safe job site when a winch is required.

liebherr rl44 winch tractor for lateral operation

The LIEBHERR RL series pieplayers can be modified to operate with a lateral winch in conjunction with the counterweight that is fitted to our RL series machines. We can apply this winch concept to the Liebherr RL44, the RL54 and RL56 as well as the RL64 and RL66. All depending on the capacity required. Contact us for more information

maats wr624 mobile winch for longitudinally winching

The MAATS WR624 mobile winch is based on a LIEBHERR track loader and  is used for quick and safe maintenance of deep-drilled gas pipes.

Both our winch solutions are characteristic examples of the engineering capabilities of Maats.

Maats conveyor belt shifter

Based on the LIEBHERR pipelayers, Maats can supply customised conveyor belt shifters with several special options such as the easy joystick operation. The operator can closely monitor the conveyor belt in order to reduce the risk of fracturing the rail to a minimum.