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LIEBHERR RL66 litronic

LIEBHERR RL66 litronic PIPELAYER lift capacity 98.100 kgs
Manufacturer LIEBHERR
Model RL66 Litronic Sideboom Pipelayer
Operating weight 59.900 kgs
Lift capacity 98.100 kgs
Certification CE
Engine make & model LIEBHERR D946 A7
Engine output 275 kW
Emission standards EU Stage IV & USA EPA Tier4F
AdBlue Diesel Emission Fluid Yes

Standard configuration RL66 ROPS cab with heating
units in Maats' rental fleet Air conditioning
Long boom 10.500 mm
Centre track guide
Track pads 914 mm
Acoustic back-up alarm
Four (04) removable counterweights
Hydraulic driven winch
Free fall control
Load monitoring system
Hydraulic PTO to drive a mandrel or a pipefacing machine
Arctic kit (-40 degrees)

Transport dimensions (L x W x H) Base machine: 5.800 mm x 4.500 mm x 3.700 mm
Dimensions may vary dependingĀ  (weight base machine: 44.050 kgs)
on exact configuration Boom: 10.850 mm x 1.450 mm x 700 mm
(weight boom: 3.970 kgs)
Counterweight - each: 1.750 mm x 1.500 mm x 500 mm
(weight each: 3.050 kgs)

Product brochure Brochure Liebherr RL66 Litronic
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