Maats and Liebherr: A Successful Collaboration

An important factor in the success of Maats is our cooperation with Liebherr, manufacturer of high-quality machines and equipment for various sectors, including the construction and infrastructure industry.

Maats worked with Liebherr in the last century to design and further develop
the pipelayer as it is today. Liebherr has established itself as a pipeline specialist. Maats has opened up the pipeline region with Liebherr, which prior to the cooperation was not their specialty but is now part of their wide expertise. This has also led to Liebherr becoming a major supplier for this segment of equipment.

Reliable machines

An important reason for Maats to choose Liebherr is its exquisite reputation: supplier of reliable long-life equipment. Apart from a few machines from other suppliers, the pipe layers and welding tractors in our rental fleet are mainly Liebherr units. Depending on the requirements, Liebherr equipment has operating modes are available for maximum performance or particularly fuel-efficient operation. This has also led to Liebherr becoming a major supplier for this segment of equipment, makes the equipment trustworthy and maintenance effortless. At jobsites, this can also easily be carried out by Liebherr dealers.

Although at first glance these machines may be a bit more expensive to purchase, the benefit in the long run is especially high. Liebherr equipment is sustainable and meets high quality standards that ensure a long service life. In addition,

the world-wide Liebherr dealer network is friendly, fast, and convenient, with a proven track record in providing spare parts and mechanics when needed. Liebherr can deliver spare parts around the clock, regardless on the pipelayer’s location, parts can be ordered online at any time.

Know-how of the industry

An important aspect of the pipeline construction industry is the ageing of the skilled workforce, as many experienced key personnel are currently retiring and being replaced by those yet to gain experience. This requires the ability to provide quick assistance more often than in the past when problems arise on site.

Maats together with Liebherr can provide an engineer and parts quickly when needed; crucial to avoid project delays. In case of remote jobsites globally, Maats can rely on the vast network of the locally available Liebherr dealer network, enabling quick service and repair of machines out in the field.

In short, the cooperation between Maats and Liebherr has proven to be very successful, through the innovative and flexible approach of both companies. Combined with Maats’ and Liebherrs’ solid machinery of Maats and Liebherr and excellent service, they have acquired a strong position in the pipe laying and pipeline specialist industry.