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Maats produces a program of Roller Cradles that is proven by its success. The Maats Roller Cradles have a high quality steel frame and are equipped with specially developed urethane rollers.

Maats Roller Cradles are available for both sale and rental.


By using multiple urethane rollers instead of the traditional steel wheels, the pressure on the pipe is evenly distributed and the risks of damaging the pipe (coating) and ‘egging’ of the pipe are eliminated.

The Urethane rollers ride easily over weld seams and do not hang up. The use of high quality materials throughout the design ensures maximum performance.

Urethane rollers

The Maats Roller Cradles are equipped with heavy duty urethane rollers with double ball bearings. 

The urethane wheels do not deform under the weight of the pipe or during storage, as the high mechanical strength of the material easily withstands the stresses it is subjected to.

The special damping characteristics of the rollers result in an excellent dynamic load-bearing ability and offer outstanding performance.

Storage and transport

The straight lay-out of the Roller Cradles makes it easy to disassemble, saving time and reducing the risk of damaging the cradle and parts during disassembly.

Disassembling the Roller Cradle reduces the volume to a convenient storage- and transit size.

Safe & certified

The Maats Roller Cradles comply with all applicable standards and are supplied with CE certification.

The high safety factor in the design and choice for materials (e.g. frame, wire rope, clamps, rollers) ensure safe operation.

Roller Cradles

Range Roller Cradle 12-24” (lift capacity 25 tons)
Roller Cradle 24-36” (lift capacity 40 tons)
Roller Cradle 36-48” (lift capacity 45 tons)
Roller Cradle 48-60” (lift capacity 55 tons)
Roller Cradle 56-68” (lift capacity 55 tons)
Rollers Heavy-duty, urethane rollers with double ball bearings 
Download the technical documentation for more information about the Maats Roller Cradles

Technical Documentation


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