Maats and Liebherr pipelayers are designed to provide maximum performance and handle the most difficult jobs. High lifting capacities, outstanding manoeuverability and heavy- duty components in the travel and working hydraulics ensure peak performance when laying pipelines.

MAATS and LIEBHERR pipelayers have been developed to meet all requirements at construction sites around the world and are designed throughout for a long service life.

Whether at low temperatures in Siberia or in hot desert regions, the rugged and time-tested construction of MAATS and LIEBHERR pipelayers provide maximum reliability and performance. All MAATS and LIEBHERR pipelayers that we have in our rental fleet are for both rental and sale, please contact Maats for accurate availability. Maats is also the global representative for new LIEBHERR pipelayers.


Maats produces a program of roller cradles that are proven by their successes. The MAATS roller cradles are used for in-line travel operations and comply with numerousĀ  standards and are supplied with CE certification. The capacities are ranging from 12 to 68 inches.

Key benefits of the MAATS roller cradles are:

  • Pressure on the pipe is evenly distributed
  • Risk of damaging and 'egging' is eliminated
  • Safe and certified
  • In addition to the roller cradle program, Maats also produces C-cradles for smaller pipe (2-12inch).

    The highlights of the MAATS C-cradles are:

    • Specially designed for line travel
    • Ease and comfort when picking up pipes
    • Remove with disassembly
    • Arrive ready-for-use on the jobsite
    • Locking pin for extra safety

    MAATS cradles are available for both sales and rental.