Why frequent personal contact with customers and jobsites matters

Digital communication and online purchases have become a new standard these days, making it easy to overlook the importance of personal contact. Nevertheless, personal communication remains an essential part of doing business for many companies, especially in the pipeline industry, where efficiency is very important. Many detail that are significant for the success of a project can be discussed in advance with our staff. Where necessary, Maats’ Technical Staff is called in to prevent or solve problems. Together with the customer, we look for the best solution and deployment of the machines required on their project. In addition, we search for the most economical deployment of machines on their jobsite.

As with companies that supply equipment to contractors, personal contact is essential to explain more about the service offered. For example, it can be helpful knowing the Liebherr dealer network, the local representation, so Maats’ mechanics do not have to drive unnecessarily long distances to repair a machine. This will save on down time, important for both parties.

Know your customer

When visiting customers at jobsites, often in remote locations, bringing in orders is not our main goal. It is an appropriate time to provide the service of “being there when you need us”, to getting to know each other better, and to catch up on the latest developments. To gauge how the client’s business is doing and to evaluate any wishes for the future. These conversations can ultimately lead to the client granting Maats their next project and getting business done faster.

Moreover, personal contact can increase trust and strengthen ties between Maats and the customer. This can ultimately lead to more satisfied customers and a greater level of trust between both parties. It is therefore important to invest in moments of direct contact. Once the contact is established, the client comes to Maats with questions and expectations, e.g. about a tender they intend to participate. To determine his price to put down in the tender, an in-depth study of the type of equipment for his work is needed. Together with the customer, we look for the best options, discuss the technical details and give advice on our equipment enabling the customer to take an educated decision on what equipment to rent.

If desired, we will meet with the customer in their facilities; however, we prefer to invite them to our Headquarters and vast equipment yard in Goor, the Netherlands. Customers get a glance of the available fleet, where they are able to test, check and experience the machines personally. Together we can look for alternative or customized options to suit their requirements best. At Maats, the customers are the most important party: their wishes determine the deployment of the equipment.

Exchange expertise

By choosing Maats as your rental company is specialized in pipeline equipment, a huge benefit will be the knowledge that becomes available to you. For example, we can send mechanics to job sites to share their expertise on how to handle the equipment safely and sustainably and provide tips for first trouble shooting and daily maintenance to keep the machines in top condition. This is significant for customer, the operator, the equipment, and the project, as well as for the owner of the equipment, Maats. However, gathering new insights works both ways, because it allows operators the opportunity to provide feedback on the machines. Thus, improvements can be made. Sharing knowledge is therefore not only important for customers, but also for improving the machines and the pipeline industry in general. We have had several good discussions with operators, resulting in improvement of equipment, service and on-site maintenance.