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Maats has pipe facing machines (PFM) available for all common diameters.

Due to the dynamic in our equipment fleet offer varies. For more information or specific enquiries, please contact Maats.

All equipment in our fleet is available for both sales and rental. 

Ranges & specifications

A pipe facing machine covers a range of diameters and is adjustable for wall thicknesses within the specified range of the PFM.

Based on the pipe specifications (wall thickness, steel quality) the pipe facing machine is adjusted to the required setting by Maats.

Optimal result

Achieving a clean and optimal bevel is critical for perfect welds. The PFM is specially designed to achieve the complex bevel that is required for Automated Pipeline Welding Systems

Power supply

The PFM requires a hydraulic power source.

The required power can either be taken from a hydraulic power take-off on a Maats or Liebherr pipe layer, or an independent Hydraulic power unit can be supplied by Maats.

Pipe Facing

Range PFM's are available for all common diameters
(size is adapted to required specifications)
- 8" up to 60" (200 mm to 1524 mm)
 Additional equipment Additional equipment can be supplied by Maats
(e.g. PTO field installation kit, hydraulic power unit)

Technical Documentation


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