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Under it's own label, Maats produces a program of External Line-up Clamps.

All equipment in our fleet is available for both sales and rental.
Due to the dynamic in our equipment fleet instant offer varies. For more information or specific enquiries, please contact Maats.

Ranges & Specifications

The Maats ELC program ranges from 2" to 60 inch.

Assure pipe alignment

The ELC external NO-TACK type line-up cage clamp lines up pipe for weld, enabling the maximum weld to be made without moving the clamp.


The ELC's can be supplied as manual, with ratchet or with a powerful hydraulic jack (10 - 15 tons) for accurate alignment.

Specification & certificates

The Maats ELC's can be supplied in standard or in heavy-duty specification. Customer specific solutions are possible.
The ELC's can be supplied with a CE certificate.


Range ELC's are available for all common diameters
2" - 60" 
Additional equipment Additional equipment can be supplied by Maats
(e.g. Compressor)
Brochure Download the technical documentation for more information about the Maats External Line-up Clamps

Technical Documentation


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