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The KNI Dynapad padding machine is specially developed for trench backfilling during pipeline construction.

The KNI Dynapad machine is carried by a pipelayer tractor and loaded with an excavator.

The layered filling principle of the Dynapad provides premium advantages. Costs are reduced and quality & safety for pipeline construction and  operation are optimized.

The Dynapad principle

In a continuous single-pass operation, Dynapad processes and backfills rocky spoil in a four-layered system while installing geotextile fabric on top of the padding layer.

Dynapad is also used to install warning tape and fiber-optic conduit.

The protective padding layer surrounding the pipe is not compromised during construction and is sustained for the life of the pipeline.

Natural compaction &

The multiple layering system ensures compaction of the layers and eliminates the risk of rock-to-pipe contact.

The compaction and build up of the layers stabilizes the pipe and the top layers.

The risk of padding wash-out is eliminated and unwanted ground or pipe movement after construction is prevented.


The backfill layers of the Dynapad are built up to provide the best compaction, drainage and environmental protection.

The layers consist of:
- up to 16mm diameter of (standard size) padding material
- Geotextile fabric (to prevent mixing between padding and stones)
- 16 to 36 mm diameter sized stone (to distribute point loads)
- 36 to 120mm diameter sized stone (to distribute point loads).


Dynapad padding machine

Engine Deutz Diesel engine - 36 kW (48.3 HP)
Efficiency - high screening efficiency with 3 stage screening
- continuous adjustable feed rate
- one pass padding operation
- multi-layer padding with optimal compaction
- natural protection of pipe
- elimination of risk of padding wash-out
- geotextile fabric integration
- possibility for glass fibre cable laying
- collapsible pipe support
Screen - angle of screen: 45 degrees
- screen life: up to 3 months
Operating weight 7.711 kg (17,000 lbs)
Conveyor - belt width 1,068 meter (42")
- conveyor length 4,267 meter (14")
- belt speed 0 - 76,2 m/min (0 - 250 fpm)
Average processed distance - more than 1 km per day in normal conditions
- up to 700 m per day in wet conditions

Technical Documentation


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