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This website is owned and managed by:

Maats Pipeline Professionals
Breukersweg 4 7471 ST Goor
T. +31(0)547 - 260000  |  F. +31(0)547 - 261000

Hereafter to be called Owner.

The Owner uses so-called session cookies on this website. Session cookies are functional cookies intended to make the website work properly.

For the use of session cookies it is not required to first ask the internet user for permission. These cookies contain a different, temporary number each time you visit the website. The session cookies are deleted after closing your browser.

Website statistics
We use the statistics program AWStats to analyze which pages are visited the most, how visitors have come to our website and which search terms are used in our search engine.

To this end, we collect data from our visitors, just like any website. These are stored in so-called log files.

The Owner has taken measures to limit the traceability of visitors to our website as much as possible. We do this by throwing away every IP address immediately after importing the log files in AWStats. This happens in a temporary memory before the IP addresses are stored in AWStats.

We collect the following data with the log files:

  • cookies;
  • user agents (browsers, operating system);
  • used search terms to access our website via external search engines;
  • used search terms in the search engine on the website itself;
  • used links within the website;
  • used links to get to our website;
  • device information.

AWStats extracts this data from the log files of the web server. These log files remain in the database of AWStats for 90 days. Then they are removed. Only then does an aggregated (merged) log file remain. That gives us an annual report on the website visit.

Personal data
Owner keeps your personal data a year in connection with backup. We do not provide personal data to third parties, unless this is necessary to report criminal offenses.

Content from third parties
This website does not contain content from third parties, such as widgets, plug-in, but can contain embedded content such as e.g. YouTube videos.


February 1, 2018
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February 28, 2017
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January 20, 2017
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Maats Pipeline Professionals
P.O.Box 165 | 7470 AD Goor (the Netherlands)
Visiting address: Breukersweg 4 7471 ST Goor
T. +31(0)547 - 260000  |  F. +31(0)547 - 261000
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