February 2015: A match made in Holland

It only takes a Liebherr pipelayer and a KNI Dynapad machine to create the ideal padding combination.

Technicians at Maats have just finished preparing one of these units of  ‘combined forces’. In this case an 80 tons Liebherr RL52 pipelayer (any Liebherr pipelayer-type is possible) is used as carrier for the KNI Dynapad.


With only a few minor adjustments, the Liebherr RL52 easily switches careers between high performance pipelayer and ideal carrier for the Dynapad. Though the Dynapad is designed to be carried by any type or make of pipelayer tractor, the Liebherr machine provides several unique advantages for carrying the Padder. 

The Dynapad perfectly utilizes the RL52’s design as a pipelayer (guaranteeing performance, high stability, optimal terrain maneuverability and low ground pressure) and the Liebherr’s advanced hydraulic system is ideal for powering the Dynapad. By hooking the Dynapad to a hydraulic PTO on the pipelayer, it is efficiently powered by the RL52’s Diesel engine and no separate engine is needed for the padder.

Thanks to integration of the power supply, the Dynapad operating controls (normally on the padder itself) are conveniently moved to the cabin of the RL52. By locating the control panel for the Dynapad next to the operator seat, the operator is provided with the comfort and safety of operating both the Liebherr machine and Dynapad from the cabin.


The Dynapad provides a one-go-solution for bedding and padding operations. In a continuous single-pass operation, Dynapad processes and backfills rocky spoil in a four-layered system.  

The three different screening stages (double deck screener and grizzly bar separator) produce four different sized material layers. This extremely high screening efficiency provides the Dynapad with the unique capacity to produce the smallest product. The Dynapad has proven itself on projects with strict bedding specifications, not only providing the required 0-5 mm bedding material, but also doing it at a production rate of over 1000 meters per day. 

Besides the high screening efficiency and average processing distance of over 1km per day, another unique advantage of the Dynapad is its ability to perform under severe conditions. Where any other padder is limited to operate in normal conditions, the Dynapad is able to perform even in wet conditions with a processing rate of up to 700 meters per day.

By combining forces of Dynapad- & Liebherr, Maats supplies a high quality padding-combination that provides contractors with unique bedding-, padding-, and backfill advantages.



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