January 2015: Maats prepares fleet for upcoming projects

Though the holiday spirit lingers to last throughout the year and we’re still enjoying all the heartwarming new year’s wishes we received, the Maats yard and -crew kick off 2015 in high gear as the new year is yet again packed with new activities and opportunities.

Besides expanding the fleet and activities on several international markets, Maats is preparing for the upcoming activities on the TANAP project in Turkey.
In its equipment fleet  Maats holds a comprehensive number of high quality equipment from several manufacturers  that comply with the required standards and qualify for the 56” diameter TANAP pipeline construction. To keep up with demand and assure availability, Maats is preparing mobilization of a large number of pipeline equipment that is highly suitable for the varying and sometimes difficult circumstances that contractors may face along the TANAP route.

January 2015: Maats prepares fleet for upcoming projects

All hands on deck

In its rental- & sales pool, Maats holds new and used equipment from several manufacturers and in the Maats yard all hands are on deck to assemble the right selection and prepare the equipment for the upcoming start of the TANAP project. In these preparations Maats resorts to an extensive in-house expertise to make sure that the demanding circumstances down the TANAP pipeline route can be met in all respects. With a specialization on pipeline equipment and a comprehensive understanding of both the equipment and the industry, Maats is able to supply high quality equipment and work closely together with its suppliers and customers to provide the required assistance.  

From Pipelayers, Welding Tractors & Bending Machines to the numerous accessories and additional (smaller) equipment; the large and wide-ranging Maats fleet consists of a wide variety of high quality items, enabling Maats to supply all types of needed pipeline equipment for the 56 inch pipeline-construction, whether it’s for rental or for sale.

January 2015: Maats prepares fleet for upcoming projects

Up for the job

The large variety of landscapes, terrains and climates that will be crossed with the more than 1200 km long prestigious TANAP-pipeline project calls for versatile and high performance construction equipment. The new Liebherr and Maats Pipeline Professionals in the Maats sales catalogue is highly suitable for facing any of the forthcoming challenges. The robust and high quality Liebherr and Maats machines are known for their reliability & efficient technical lay-out, that allows them to perform under even the most difficult circumstances. The standard high quality components and materials that are used in the designs ensure reliability under the most difficult circumstances, and the numerous options on the machines provide the possibility to customize the machines to fit any of the 1200 km varying specifics of terrain and temperatures (from -40 up to + 40).

Support in all areas

The exceptional length and varying circumstances of the TANAP pipeline route will have contractors facing not only technical but logistic challenges as well. To best serve customers throughout the large area that is covered by the TANAP pipeline, Maats can rely on a strong and extensive network that the company has build up over the last 30 years. With 6 branch offices in Turkey and the additional support of the Liebherr network, Maats is able to meet service- and assistance needs with a local presence. To help customers achieve maximum efficiency & productivity, Maats provides assistance and services in all areas, from defining equipment needs to on-site assistance or fully organizing logistics and transport. 

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