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Manufactured by Maats, the RL 24 is designed and built to meet the needs and expectations of construction companies around the world.

The RL 24 is a versatile machine that provides clear advantages in several areas.

High lift capacity

Thanks to the compact base machine and the non extendable counterweight the machine dimension are kept to a minimum without loss of stability and lift capacity.

The advanced lay-out of the Maats RL 24 pipelayer provides a lift capacity that is unique in its 20-tons class. Based on an operating weight of 21.500 kg., the machine has a lift capacity of 24 tons.

Compact machine

The RL 24 has maximum lift capacity available with a minimum width. This makes the compact machine an outcome for working on locations where space is limited.

Because of its convenient dimensions and high lift capacity the RL 24 is also applied for lifting operations other than the typical pipe laying operations.

Ease of transport

Another distinctive feature of the RL 24 is the foldable boom. Pipelayers in the RL 24 class frequently change jobsites. The foldable boom reduces transport dimensions and allows the machine to be prepared for transport within minutes. The operator can fold the hydraulically adjustable boom without the need of auxiliary devices or other personnel.


The well thought-out design and high quality materials ensure long component service lives, low service costs and low fuel consumption.

Built with mainly Liebherr components, the machine’s service and spare parts can be easily obtained, anywhere in the world.


The innovative technologies used in the design ensure high lift capacity and maximum productivity, even under the most difficult circumstances.

The versatile RL 24 is built on a Liebherr PR714 base machine, providing all the characteristic Liebherr advantages. The typical hydrostatic drive allows precise maneuvering and reduces the number of wear parts. 


Lift capacity
24 tons lift capacity - Hydraulic driven hoist winch
Highly resilient, grain refined steel - cylinder operated boom:
- foldable boom, length 5.160 mm (standard)
- fixed boom, length 5.100 mm (optional)
- fixed boom, length 7.000 mm (optional)
Non extendable counterweight 5.500 kg
Operating weight
21.860 kg
Chain Single grouser, LGP track pads 762 mm
Ground pressure
 0,44 kg / cm2
John Deere diesel engine - 90 kW (122 HP)
Cabin ROPS canopy or ROPS/FOPS cabin with heater / airconditioning
Options Numerous options include:
- hydraulic PTO for powering external equipment
- overload warning system
- boom protection strips
- rear winch
Multipurpose machine The multipurpose machine combines a pipelayer & welding tractor in one. All Maats and Liebherr pipelayers can be supplied as a multipurpose machine
Additional equipment Additional equipment can be supplied by Maats
(e.g. Roller Cradles, C-Cradles)
Brochure Download the technical documentation for more information about the Maats RL 24

Technical Documentation


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