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All Liebherr pipelayers are designed to provide maximum performance and handle the most difficult jobs under the most difficult operating conditions.

High lifting forces, outmost stability, outstanding maneuverability and heavy duty-components ensure peak performance when handling pipes.


The advanced machine lay-out and innovative technologies used in the design ensure maximum productivity, even under the most difficult circumstances.

The extra long undercarriage, asymmetric track frame and wide track pads on the load side increase stability and provide maximum lift capacity over the entire working range.


Liebherr pipelayers have been developed to meet requirements at construction sites around the world. Time-tested technology and high quality materials ensure maximum reliability even under the harshest conditions.

The hydrostatic drive is stepless and wear free. The load sensing hydraulics protect and limit wear of the components and safe fuel.


Like all other Liebherr equipment, Liebherr pipelayers are characterized by their service friendliness and clear economic benefits. This reduces both downtime and maintenance costs.

A well thought-out design and the use of high of high quality materials ensure long component service lives, low service costs and low fuel consumption.


The spacious cab is acoustically insulated and ergonomically designed. The comfortable cab provides the perfect conditions for fatigue-free and concentrated work.

Thanks to its intuitive single-lever control, the machine can be maneuvered with precision and literally by fingertip. Outstanding visibility simplifies safe and precise movement of the load.


Safety is always a priority at Liebherr. All pipelayers are based on a well thought-out safety concept that sets standards in pipeline construction. Operating safety is ensured through the exceptional stability of the machine and the precision controls.

The machine is standard equipped with numerous safety features that ensure optimal safety (e.g. ROPS, load monitoring, free-fall function, hydrostatic brake, intuitive joystick control, cylinder-operated boom, back-up alarm)

The RL 44 is in the Liebherr pipelayer program since 2008



Lift capacity 45.9 tons - Hydraulic driven hoist winch
Highly resilient, grain refined steel - cylinder operated boom:
- length 6.010 mm (standard)
- length 7.320 mm (optional)
Extendable counterweight 7.222 kg
(removable weight 5.030 kg)
Operating weight
35.100 kg
Chain D7G chain, single grouser - LGP track pads 914 mm / 711 mm
Ground pressure
0,65 kg / cm2
LIEBHERR diesel engine - 175 kW (238 HP)
Cabin ROPS cabin with heater / airconditioning
Options Numerous options include:
- hydraulic PTO for powering external equipment
- overload warning system
- boom protection strips
- rear winch
Multipurpose machine
The multipurpose machine combines a pipelayer & welding tractor in one. All Liebherr and Maats pipelayers can be supplied as a multipurpose machine 
Additional Equipment
Additional equipment can be supplied by Maats
(e.g. Roller Cradles, C-cradles)
Download the technical documentation for more information about the Liebherr advantages

Technical Documentation


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