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Maats Company Brochure




Maats company carries the name of its founder, mr. Wilhelm Gerrit Maats. Born in a small town in the eastern part of the Netherlands, Wilhelm Maats got an early introduction to the equipment business. With his family running a smithy and holding a Hanomag Tractor Dealership, Maats grew up watching his father organizing the selling and maintenance of agricultural equipment.

After his study Marine Engineering Maats started his career working for an oil company. With a spoon-fed affection for equipment and trading he later on made a transfer to become Sales Director for a Dutch company that manufactured and supplied Earth moving equipment. A passion was born and in 1981 Wilhelm Maats founded Maats company.



In the early years Maats’ focus was on trading heavy equipment for mainly export markets. The company soon started expanding its focus and successfully entered foreign markets. Maats kept in close contact with customers and made big efforts to serve to their needs and basic demands.

The idea of equipment rental arose and Maats added ‘renting equipment to contractors’ to the existing company profile. Maats successfully entered the pipeline industry with their equipment-rental-concept. Maats started renting out specialized pipeline equipment to several pipeline contractors and soon became a well-established company in the pipeline business.

Maats later on stopped its activities in the area of earthmoving equipment to fully concentrate on the pipeline industry. By carefully listening to their customers and operators in the field, Maats decided to build out ideas to improve existing, ordinary machines that were used in the construction of pipelines.



After getting the chance to talk Dr. Hans Liebherr about their vision of a fully hydraulic pipelayer, Dr. Liebherr was convinced of Maats’ plans. He believed in the idea and advantages that Maats had conceptualized for a new and improved pipelayer.
This meeting in 1990 turned out to be the establishment of a relationship between the Liebherr Group and Maats that is still today very successful.


Pipeline Equipment specialist

Since their introduction to the pipeline industry Maats has continued to develop their global network and scope of activities. By establishing the Maats brand, continuing the powerful cooperation with Liebherr and expanding their network, Maats has continued to provide to their customers’ demands for sales, rental and services. 

These days Maats specializes in manufacturing, selling and renting pipeline equipment to pipeline contractors all over the world. With a deep rooted emphasis for service and quality Maats is nowadays one of the leading suppliers of equipment and services to the pipeline industry.



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