May 2016: Help the Residents of Fort McMurray Through the "We Care" Campaign

The news of the relentless wildfires in Alberta and horrific scenes in Fort McMurray have reached and shaken us all. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all those that are harmed and affected.

For Maats as a Pipeline related company the disaster in Fort McMurray strikes us on a level that goes beyond humanitarian compassion. We are struck by the impact on the people that we personally know and the calamities in Alberta also deeply strike our community. With many of our people and companies located in the disaster area, these events have a deep impact on the pipeline community.

The “We Care” Initiative

On their website the Pipeline Contractors Association of Canada posted an open letter from Neil Lane (Executive Director PLCAC) in which he reaches out to all the PLCAC members and friends.

With help of the Canadian Red Cross the PLCAC has set up a “We Care” donation portal through which you can donate for help. When donations are made on a personal title, both the Provincial and Federal government will match your donation, so if you donate $10 it will turn into $30 with the match.

The pipeline business is a tight knit community, known for its brother- and sisterhood. This is the time for all of us to join hands and display that unique strength and fellowship that is so characteristic of our community.

We Care, we hope you do too!

When we at Maats heard about the "We Care" initiative we were moved by the compassionate outreach from the PLCAC to its members and we have heartily joined hands with PLCAC and our fellow members to contribute to the much needed help.

If you wish to contribute to the “We Care” initiative yourself, please follow this link.
We care, we hope you do too.

May 2016: Help the Residents of Fort McMurray Through the

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