If technology holds up in Dakar Rally, you know it's quality!

For engineering the Maats BM-program, quality was priority to meet the demanding conditions and extreme forces the machines & machine parts are exposed to. For that reason our engineers have chosen mainly Liebherr components in the lay-out of the Maats Bending Machines.

When promoting the Maats Bending Machines, we emphasize that all Liebherr parts that we use have a proven track record in construction machinery around the world. For instance some of the hydraulic cylinders we equip our BM's with are normally used in the giant dump trucks that work in open pit mines, and the Liebherr diesel engine arrangements in our machines are the same as in some mobile excavators, machines that face millions of working hours in many different and often harsh conditions.

Dakar Rally 2015: Successful Kamaz trucks equipped with Liebherr Diesel engines

The evidence for the quality of Liebherr components can be found all around the world and these days it is (again) proven that Liebherr parts hold up, even when tested to the limit in the extreme conditions of the 2015 Dakar Rally. Now if you follow the Dakar Rally, currently underway in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, you might have noticed that the Kamaz trucks are very successful. Kamaz is in fact using Liebherr diesel engines to power their trucks and (at moment of writing this) has 4 teams in the top 5 of the general standings with fifth, third, second ánd leading position!

You can imagine that with full speed testing every day, the high outside temperatures and a lot of dust, engines in "Le Dakar" are tested to their absolute maximum. The Rally is an ideal proving ground for the Liebherr engine technology and gives valuable data, not only about reliability but also about controlling fuel consumption and ease of service & maintenance.

Quality components

Now unless the Dakar-Rally becomes a competition of the strongest bending machines, the Maats BM will not be competing in it any time soon. But as some of the parts & technology used in today's most successful rally trucks are of the same 'Liebherr Components' that Maats carefully selected and incorporated in the design of its Bending Machines, we do take a lot of pride in presenting you with yet another great example of the succes and quality of the parts that we use in our equipment.

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If technology holds up in Dakar Rally, you know it's quality!
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