Climate neutral rental: how does it work, and what are the benefits?

It is important to be progressive when it comes to sustainability, especially
in an industry where fossil fuels play an important role. At Maats, we note that an increasing number of countries maintain a stricter policy in terms of emission standards. This development requires the latest and cleanest machines. It is therefore important to keep up with these developments and ensure that we can always offer the best solutions.

Maats offers a climate-neutral rental formula, to compensate for the CO2 emissions of our fleet as well as our Headquarter together with all staff related movements. At the moment, we provide certificates. We aspire to switch to physically planting trees. In this way, we want to truly contribute to a cleaner world and in fact reduce CO2 emissions.

Diesel-powered alternatives

Maats acknowledges that it is difficult to develop electrically operated equipment for heavy construction, especially since our machines are often used far outside urban areas, where electricity is not always available. We are looking into several alternative fuels and are keeping a close eye on developments in this niche.

For equipment with a shorter economic lifespan, such as excavators, alternatives are already available. Such as electrically driven engines or hydrogen technology. These solutions are yet to be perfected and still involve some teething problems, but we will invest in these new technologies to offer our customers the best solutions.

Climate-neutral future perspective

Although sustainable solutions are still in their infancy, Maats believes it is important to be aware of the climate impact of our machines and to continue to invest in new technologies to reduce the impact on the environment. In that way, we give our customers access to appropriate modern equipment, so they can focus on their core competences.

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