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The robust  and reliable Maats bending machines are designed to perform the most difficult jobs under the most difficult operating conditions.

With the capacity to bend pipes up to 1 inch wall thickness at X100 of the maximum loadable pipe-size, the Maats bending machines are the strongest available in the market.


The specially constructed high-strength steel frame and heavy-duty Liebherr components easily provide the required bending capacity.

The advanced machine lay-out and high quality materials ensure maximum performance, even under the most difficult circumstances. 


Maats bending machines are designed to handle current and future heavy-wall, high-strength pipe.

The strong construction and high quality materials used in the design provide maximum reliability. The precision hydraulics protect and limit wear of the components and safe fuel.


Built with mainly Liebherr components, the machine’s service and spare parts can be easily obtained, anywhere in the world.

The long component service lives and low service costs effectively reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

A hydraulic PTO on the machine supplies easy hook-up for a mandrel, meaning no additional power source is necessary.


All hydraulic controls are located on the operator stand, providing the comfort and safety of commanding all bending operations from one place.

Special connections are provided for easy hook up of a digital angle measurement system.

The machines are standard equipped with a hydraulic PTO for easy hook-up of a mandrel


Numerous safety features are standard equipped (e.g. emergency stop, rotating beacon, safety lever for operator’s stand) and incorporated in the design.

Operation and maintenance are kept easy with the straight forward machine lay-out.

MAATS BM 16-30

Bending range
Pipe diameter 16" - 30"
(up to 1 inch wall thickness X100 at maximum loadable pipe diameter)
Hydraulic system - 350 bar / 5,075 PSI system pressure
- load sensing pump flow control system
- swash plate variable displacement piston pump
- hydraulic PTO (standard)
Liebherr diesel engine - 129 kW (173 HP)
Winch - high torque motor
- dual stage planetary gearing
- load control valve
- spring engaged free spool handle
- rated line pull: 6.350kg / 14,000 lb
- cable length: 25m / 82.02 ft
Bending sets Heavy-duty bending sets:
- special sizes available on request
- standard sizes: 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 30"
- bare (standard)
- coated (optional)
Operating weight 22.250 kg / 49,053 lb
Options Numerous options include:
- compressor for mandrel
- working lights
Additional Equipment
Additional equipment can be supplied by Maats
(e.g. hydraulic- or pneumatic mandrels, bending sets & -dies, EuroBend angle measurement system)
Brochure Download the technical documentation for more information about the Maats bending machine

Technical Documentation


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