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The EuroBend is a reliable, time-saving and easy to operate angle measurement system. The system accurately measures and displays the achieved bend during bending operations.

Maats is the exclusive dealer for the EuroBend angle measurement system and has the EuroBend available for both sales and rental. 

Comfortable & efficient

The EuroBend system provides the comfort of continuous read out of the bend angle, right from the operator’s stand.

There is no need to stop bending operations for measuring bends, keeping the work moving and efficiently increasing production.


The use of a EuroBend system eliminates the risks of climbing the machine and pipe for measuring angles.

Accurate measurement

The EuroBend monitors the achieved bend during operations.

The angle of the bend is shown live (with update intervals of 250mS) on the receiver unit. The achieved bend is measured with accuracy to 0.1 degree and displayed in degrees and tenths.

Easy to operate

The EuroBend system consists of two transmitters and a receiver.

The two transmitters with magnetic base plates are placed at the pipe’s ends.

The receiver unit is placed in a special holder that can be mounted directly next to the operating controls.
The power for the receiver unit is taken directly from the bending machine’s electrical system with the quick disconnect plug.

Transport & Storage

The EuroBend system is supplied in a protective carry case.

The case has a convenient size and allows for safe & clean storage and transport of the EuroBend system.


Angle Measurement Accurate and live updated display of achieved bend:
- maximum reading: +/- 45.0 degrees
- accuracy resolution: 0.1 degree
- update interval: 250 mS
Radio Transmitter Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Power Power for receiver unit is taken directly from the Bending Machine with a quick disconnect plug
- operating voltage: 6.2 - 9.8 Volts
- calibration mode voltage: 10.5 - 12 Volts

The two transmitters require 6 standard AA alkaline batteries
- battery status is displayed on receiver
- 4 stage battery status indication 
- supply current: 200 mA average
Compliance CE
Carry Case - dimensions: 420 mm x 340 mm x 175 mm
- weight (with unit): 7,5 kg.

Technical Documentation


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