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Maats produces its own program of heavy-duty bending sets and holds a large number of bending sets and dies from several other manufacturers (e.g. CRC, Garneau, Goriziane) in its fleet.

All equipment in our fleet is available for both sales and rental.

Common diameters

Per specific pipe diameter an original bending set is required to produce maximum accuracy. Standard bending sets with dies accommodate pipe manufactured to API-5L.

Bending sets and dies are available bare or with coating to accommodate all current commercial coatings that will withstand bending.

Special requirements

To accommodate special conditions and non-standard pipe or coatings, special bending sets can be manufactured at customers requests.

Maats bending sets

Maats engineers a program of heavy-duty bending sets.

The Maats bending set is specially developed to withstand the high forces that are becoming more and more common when bending modern steel pipe specification.

The Maats bending sets are available for all common diameters (bare or coated) and can be made suitable for bending equipment from any specific manufacturer.

The Maats bending sets can also be customized to accommodate special conditions and non-standard pipe or coatings.

Bending Sets

Range Sets available for all common diameters
- bare (standard)
- coated (optional)
Special requirements
Available on request:
- sets for non-standard conditions
- sets for non-standard pipe diameters
- sets for non-standard coating

Technical Documentation


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