Why we'll be at PTC 2017!

Maats has been attending the Pipeline Technology Conference (PTC) for a couple of years, but this year Maats will be taking part in the 12th PTC as sponsor and exhibitor as well.

For the 12th PTC (taking place 2-4 May 2017 in Berlin, Germany) Paul Waanders (International Sales Manager at Maats) discussed some ideas with the PTC organization, leading to adding the ‘Pipeline Construction’ track to the conference and getting the IPLOCA regional meeting to be held at the same time and venue.

Pipeline Technology Journal sat down with Paul Waanders to let him tell about why Maats wants to be a part of the PTC and why it is that interesting for construction companies and equipment manufacturers to attend or exhibit the 12th PTC in Berlin. Read the entire interview with Paul Waanders on the website of Pipeline Technology Journal.

Maats at PTC Berlin - Q&A

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